Airtronics mt4 vs spektrum dx4s

Airtronics mt4 vs spektrum dx4s

Spektrum dx4s im in the market for a new radio and through my research and cash flow i narrowed it down to 2 radios that seem very good for the 200-250 range. So im looking for some information to help me make a decision.

Airtronics mt-4 vs spektrum dx4s manual download read online best rc car radio transmitter 2018 airtronics mt4 airtronics mt44 best surface transmitter 2017 best rc car transmitter 2018 spektrum vs futaba 2018futaba vs spektrum airtronics mt4s.

  spectrum dx4s is the most similar to this, light, comfortable, easy menues, but the telemetry on the spectrum is just bad. This is like i said the best one it is, light, comfortable, easy to use in the menues, very good and accurate telemetry. All the functions you need for competition, and very good timer easy to program.

Airtronics mt4 or mt4s hands down better quality than the spektrum txs and the airtronics fh4 receivers can run 7.

  airtronics mt4 or mt4s hands down better quality than the spektrum txs and the airtronics fh4 receivers can run 7.

  airtronicssanwa are not very popular with the fe boat crowd here so i have no idea what their pros and cons are. Spektrum had an issue with the rxs minimum voltage being rather high, so digital servos could pull the becrx battery voltage down low enough to switch the rx off, which combined with a very long reboot time on their older rxs was quite a problem.

The mt-44 is the next development for sanwa offering impressive features in a lightweight and compact transmitter. Most notably, the mt-44 is the first to use low voltage technology as its power source, using only three aaa batteries for power, or an optional 1s lipo battery.

  the rx that comes with the dx4s has 4 channels but does not have telemetry.

Radio for small hands (4 year old hands) steering difficulties.

The mt-4s builds on the original mt-4 by adding sanwa synchronized link support, increased response time (same as the m12), a new backlit lcd, rx-472 super response receiver and updated steering wheel and graphics. 4ghz fh4t digital high-response telemetry system with advanced programming.

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Airtronics mt4 vs spektrum dx4s

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