Anthem lumenos hsa ohio

Anthem lumenos hsa ohio

Lumenos hsa benefit guide for ohio who can apply? You can apply for lumenos hsa coverage for yourself or with your family. You must be a resident of the state in which you are applying, under the age of 65, a legal resident of the u.

Anthem blue cross blue shield lumenos hsa plus ppo of ohio offers comprehensive coverage with a lower monthly premium. High deductible lumenos plus keeps the cost down and qualifies you for an health savings account (hsa).

Pair with an optional health savings account (hsa) for more flexibility and potential tax advantages. Preventive care services not subject to deductible or coinsurance.

Lumenos hsa plus health plans were designed to give you more control over your health care costs. Featurespreventive care benefits that help you focus on staying healthy.

Lumenos product basics contracts and networks if you are a participating provider with anthem blue access, no additional contract is needed in order to see members with the lumenos product. Reimbursement as a network provider, the amount you will be paid is according to your ppo contract.

And since lumenos hsa is compatible with a health savings account (hsa). With lumenos, you can go to your local pharmacy or use our mail order service.

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Anthem lumenos hsa ohio

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