Anti bot telegram

Anti bot telegram

Hello! Im telegram bot to restrict bots-like telegram users to send ads in public chats.

  the zenchain anti phishing telegram admin bot is a free open source project by the zenchain group, to help protect users of cryptocurrency related telegram chat groups from being defrauded in phishing scams, and to help group admins protect their.

As all of us are having similar feelings about ad-bots in telegram work chats i have found solution for inner peace. Antibot when a new user joins the chat first bot restricts immediately notification and user should confirm being not a robot by clicking im not a robot.

Telegram anti phishing admin bot setup guide configuration instructions telegram anti-phishing admin bot allows automatic monitoring of telegram group members and banning members impersonating group administrators. Following you will find the detailed steps to setup your own bot for public use.

Telegram anti phishing admin bot setup guide installation and deployment instructions telegram bot monitor allows automatic monitoring of telegram group members and banning members impersonating group administrators. Please follow instructions bellow to deploy bot monitor to telegram group.

Contribute to yagoptelegram-bot development by creating an account on github.

  in this tutorial we are going to add protectronbot to our telegram group which enable us to filter unwanted advertising , restrict spammers and filter joined.

Select the category you want to find a bot in that category and press filter bots button.

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Anti bot telegram

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