Assassin's creed odyssey true ending

Assassin's creed odyssey true ending

  the true ending of the game has you and your entire family reunited.

  to get the most out of the game on your way to the ending, check out our guides to find the best weapons and the best armor sets in assassins creed odyssey.

  this part of assassins creed odysseys ending can be easily summed up by your misthios first words to layla.

  the aim of this ending is to gather all members of the family - the hero (kassandra or alexios), deimos, myrinne, nikolaus and stentor - so youll need.

  assassins creed odyssey does things a little bit differently from the games in the series that have come before it it has more than one ending. Rather than a relatively tight story focused around central assassinations, the title has doubled down on the open world elements of the series, pushing the template formed by assassins creed origins to its limit and providing a more sprawling experience.

  in this ending in assassins creed odyssey, your chosen protagonist is joined by myrrine, stentor, and nikolaos at their home.

  this ending has each member of the family, myrrine, kassandra, alexios, stentor, and nikolaos back together in sparta.

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Assassin's creed odyssey true ending

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Assassin's creed odyssey true ending

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