Backup samsung kies

Backup samsung kies

Now, click on back uprestore tab on the top right of the kies window. Click on the check box or the items from the check list to backup.

Launch samsung kies and choose backup & restore option - data backup. Choose the data you want to backup and hit on the backup button. Switch to the restore data option from samsung kies interface. All backup records show up and you should tick all the content you want to recover.

Step 1 connect devices to pc and select backup & restore plug your samsung galaxy in the computer via usb cable. Once successfully connected, choose backup & restore option and click data backup. Kies divides phone data into two categories personal information (contacts, memo, planner, call log and message) and content (video, music and photo).

Download, install and launch the samsung kies app on your computer. Samsung kies divides phone data into two categories personal information and content.

  tutorial 1 backup and restore data with samsung kies store files in pc. Samsung kies is a phone suite for samsung devices, with which you can manage files, do your backup and restore the phone.

Step 1 after installing kies ( windows mac) on your computer, connect your samsung smartphone or tablet to your computer via a usb data cable.

  part two how to transfer and backup data with samsung kies. If your smart phonetablet is before galaxy note iii (including galaxy s4, note ii, etc), you can download kies, and if your phone is from galaxy note iii (android os 4.).

When you connect your mobile device to kies via a usb cable, you will be automatically notified of any updates to your device firmware that are available.

Samsung kies is a samsung pc suite invented to make samsung devices easily interact or connect with windows-based pc. The program helps samsungs users sync, backup, and transfer information such as contacts , videos , photos , podcasts , and more from the device to the pc.

  kies extractor how to extract data from samsung kies sbu backup. If you own a samsung galaxy device and made backup with samsung kies, not all is lost and you can restore data from the backup.

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Backup samsung kies

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