Barclays bank zambia operating hours

Barclays bank zambia operating hours

Barclays bank - longacres, lusaka address, phone number, hours of operation, directions.

Barclays bank - manda hill shopping mall, lusaka address, phone number, hours of operation, directions opening hours no data address ngwerema rd, lusaka, zambia.

Barclays africa group has changed its name to absa group limited. The bank has until mid-2020 to rebrand barclays banks in botswana, ghana, kenya, mauritius, mozambique, seychelles, tanzania, uganda. On february 10, 2019, barclays bank in zambia officially became absa bank zambia.

  headlines barclays bank zambia plc officially becomes absa bank zambia plc editor httpwww.

  barclays zambia started its operations as one of the banks in zambia in 1918. The bank is a member of absa group, formerly barclays africa group. It currently employs around 1,204 staff and maintains 70 offices, which consist of full branches and sales centers located across the country.

Registered office stand numbers 46 elunda office park, addis ababa round about, lusaka, zambia. Absa bank zambia plc is regulated by bank of zambia under licence no.

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Barclays bank zambia operating hours

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Barclays bank zambia operating hours

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SEBI Reg No : INZ000078632
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