Can t deposit on pokerstars

Can t deposit on pokerstars

  how do you deposit on pokerstars? App users to make a deposit , login to your account, select the real money tab in the lobby, then tap on the deposit button. Next, tap on the stars transfer button and follow the on-screen instructions.

  0000 - why cant i deposit on pokerstars?0038 - does pokerstars ask for id verification?0109 - how do you deposit on pokerstars?0142 - how safe is pokers.

Players from almost anywhere in the world can deposit real money at pokerstars. If you cant find a cashier in the pokerstars lobby you have probably downloaded the pokerstars. Com to download the real money version and use the marketing code kow500 when signing up for a free 600.

  no you can not use a friends card, to deposit and withdraw money from your account, the card must be only in your name and the account must have.

Whenever i try to make deposit on ps screen goes blank and nothing happens. I contacted support but they cant seem to find the solution. With the same debit card im depositingwithdrawing from 888 poker and party with no issues.

Wij willen hier een beschrijving geven, maar de site die u nu bekijkt staat dit niet toe.

Fast deposits available now the fast deposit feature is an even quicker way to fund your stars account and supports many popular deposit methods, including visa, mastercard and neteller. Look for the fast deposit logo beside the deposit method in the cashier.

Firstly, pokerstars gives players the bonus up to a maximum of 600 on up to 3 deposits within your first 90 days as opposed only the first deposit. Even if you dont need extra funds but find yourself out of bonus money to convert it may be worth depositing extra within that time frame simply to get that extra bonus.

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Can t deposit on pokerstars

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