Crossroads lucky old sun

Crossroads lucky old sun

  crossroads, 2009 international champion barbershop quartet, singing lucky old sun at the central states district past champs show on october 9th, 2009.

Comcrossroads-quartet-18286809503that lucky old sunperformed live at the grand ole opry ho.

  the 2009 international champions, crossroads, wowed the audience with this stunning rendition of their signature song, lucky old sun.

  when a champion quartet stops by the barbershop harmony society headquarters building in nashville, tennessee, they often find that the lobby has incredible.

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That lucky old sun tracklist 01 - the jumpin jive 02 - let yourself go 03 - via dolorosa 04 - sweet adeline 05 - too close for comfort 06 - hey there 07 - bread and gravy 08 - your first day in heaven 09 - blew by you 10 - that lucky old sun 11 - cant buy me love 12 - all people that.

  each recording below is stereo - one part on one side, the other parts on the other side. Adjust your audio balance control to either hear your part by itself or remove your part so you can harmonise with the other three.

Com for providing the learning tracks for all 125 classic tags.

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Crossroads lucky old sun

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