Dota 2 options menu

Dota 2 options menu

  dota 2 has expanded and changed in tons of different ways. One of these changes are just how diverse and fluid the hotkey and options menus are.

  here is the first hotkey and options menu in 4 years! Dota 2 has expanded and changed in tons of different ways.

At first you will want to be comfortable with controls and adjust the games options to your liking.

Entering launch options is not as difficult as you may think! Follow these six steps and you will be there in no time 1.

  the option settings is the second tab in the settings menu. It consists of game, minimap, camera, profile, network, chat and some misc settings. These settings affect the hud, general unit behavior, privacy of the players profile and some general preferences.

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Dota 2 options menu

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