Edelweiss terminal x3

Edelweiss terminal x3

Terminal x3 (tx3) is a complete trading terminal with analytical solution for all you traders.

  edelweiss terminal x3 is the desktop software or trading terminal platform offered by edelweiss broking that offers you ample of impressive features like data analytics, live portfolio tracking, reporting, options calculator, real-time market data and others.

Bringing the best of speed, analytics, charting & other amazing features on the most comprehensive trading platform.

Edelweiss introduces its incredible duo of stock market trading platforms - mobile trader & terminal x3.

Terminal tx3 is terminal based software that can be installed on your system. It gives live streaming, and you always remain up to date with market news and analysis. Edelweiss says that it is a desktop trading software with an x factor tx3 is derived it name from its three amazing quality of high speed, insightful data analytics, and super advance charting.

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Edelweiss terminal x3

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