Failed to create empty document mt4

Failed to create empty document mt4

Mt4 does not create any thing in temp folder, so that must be your vb. 60 mt4 terminals using 22 gb is approx 375 mb per mt4 terminal.

  this is a common problem that happens after you upgrade an operating system. I upgraded from windows 7 professional to window 10 professional, and i had a pr.

From the start menu, click all programs followed by accessories 3. In the accessories menu, right click on the command prompt option 4. From the drop down menu that appears, click on the run as administrator option 5.

  hope this helps (if it doesnt just leave a comment and il try help you out.).

  to restart mt4 you simply need to click the x at the top-right corner of mt4 window, or go to top menu file-exit. Close mt4 platform from top-menu file-exit once your mt4 is closed i recommend waiting at least 30 seconds before you open it again.

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Failed to create empty document mt4

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