Find sean hampton vampyr

Find sean hampton vampyr

Before you find sean hampton in his shelter in chapter 3, speak to tom watts in the turquoise turtle, and select im looking for sean hampton? Then, select.

  vampyr - sean hamptons location - the sad saint of the east end main questin chapter 3 family history you need to put an end to sean hamptons savagery.

Sean hampton is a resident of the east enddocks who manages a night asylum for the poor community.

Have to defeat some bosses in order to get to sean hampton at the east end docks.

Sean hampton is a clergyman who runs a hostel for the residents of the docks. Unfortunately, due to the events in the game, sean turns into a skal, which complicates the matter. During chapter 3 and the mission bad fame follows man youll be able to decide what to do with the pillar of the docks district.

We finally find sean hampton in this video and discover more about the ekons, and the immortals.

He appears in the quest the sad saint of the east end, which was shown in the developer game session. At the beginning of the game he is saved from the attacks of william bishop by jonathan e. Sean is weakened from the assault and then brought to pembroke hospital by dr edgar swansea and jonathan.

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Find sean hampton vampyr

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