Harry potter jacob black fanfiction

Harry potter jacob black fanfiction

Harry potter (41) jacob black (39) edward cullen (21) bella swan (19) draco malfoy (12) jasper hale (11) paul lahote (11) alice cullen (10) seth clearwater (10) sam uley (10) include relationships jacob blackharry potter (45) edward cullenharry potter (12) edward cullenbella swan (11) draco malfoyharry potter (5) sirius blackremus lupin (4).

Harry potter and jacob black were cuddled together in bed after a particularly satisfying bout of lovemaking. Not that every time they made love wasnt satisfyingharry was still a bit amazed by his lovers stamina, while jacob was still blissfully unaware of the silent, wandless spells harry used on a regular basis to keep their loving neat and magically mess-free.

Harry practically gulped at being given the full attention of jacob black. It made him want to stare forever, or look away and blush, either was likely. With the courage of a true gryffindor, harry faced the young man with only a slight red tinge on his cheeks.

Harry potter and the inconvenient condition chapter 1, a harry potter twilight crossover fanfic fanfiction an harry potter wanted to get as far from england as he possibly could where the locals spoke english, and that was forks, washington. Jacob black only wanted to wash his clothes so he wouldnt get his rabbit filthy.

Harry is broken hearted by edward, soon after that jacob is later broken hearted by bella,. I added some new characters, that i created, who appear in several of my harry potter fanfics.

  harry potterjacob black harry potter jacob black paul lahote draco malfoy mpreg fluff and angst songfic anal sex summary. Harry has saw jacob with someone and things go down hill from there. Will harry want to forget about love? One-shot, sorry summary sucks, just read anyway.

Jacob blackdraco malfoy (10) edward cullenharry potter (6) draco malfoyharry potter (4) edward cullenbella swan (3) sirius blackremus lupin (2) jacob blackbella swan (2) alice cullenjasper hale (2) carlisle cullenesme cullen (2) emmett cullenrosalie hale (2) jacob blackharry potter (2) include additional tags crossover (4) slash (3).

Jacob black (37) exclude relationships edward cullenharry potter (120) alice cullenjasper hale (21) emmett cullenrosalie hale (20) carlisle cullenesme cullen (19) edward cullenbella swan (18) cedric diggoryharry potter (12) jacob blackharry potter (12) sirius blackremus lupin (10) hermione grangerron weasley (9).

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Harry potter jacob black fanfiction

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