Hibor historical rate

Hibor historical rate

74 percent from 19, reaching an all time high of 15.

  the hong kong interbank offered rate (hibor) is the benchmark interest rate that lenders and borrowers use for interbank lending in the hong kong market. The reference rate is used on hong kong dollar-denominated financial instruments for specified durations ranging from overnight borrowing to one year.

Hibor rate means, in relation to any loan in hong kong dollars for any day, a rate per annum equal to the hong kong interbank offered rate or, if such rate is not available, a comparable or successor rate, which rate is reasonably selected by the administrative agent, as published on the applicable bloomberg screen page (or.).

Hong kong interbank offered rate (hibor) as at any date means the hong kong interbank offered rate for the interest period of 1 month for hong kong dollars quoted by the hongkong and shanghai banking corporation limited at or about 1100 a. This hibor quoted by the hongkong and shanghai banking corporation limited.

  libor rates - 30 year historical chart this interactive chart compares 1 month, 3 month, 6.

The hkd interest settlement rates are published daily within this section.

Libor is the average interbank interest rate at which a selection of banks on the london money market are prepared to lend to one another. Libor comes in 7 maturities (from overnight to 12 months) and in 5 different currencies.

  the london interbank offered rate is the average interest rate at which leading banks.

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Hibor historical rate

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