How to get good fps in h1z1

How to get good fps in h1z1

Here i will give you tips on how to increase your fps and how to edit your useroptions.

  h1z1 dramatically increase performance fps with any setup. If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.

  z1 battle royale fps boost how to increase fps (best settings) h1z1 tutorial guide video by thebluecrusader (the blue crusader).

Just change the resolution, from 1920 to minimum or 1440, then turn all graphics to low. Won 30 fps with this trick, my game is really ugly but fluent.

With this settings, a lot of people seem to have a lot more fps than before, when their settings were all set to low.

0-1 will improve fps but you wont see bullets or explosions and makes it hard to play. Motionblur0 (allows a slight blur to smoothbalancestabilize fps) keep it off for higher fps - turn on if you have screen tearing when moving.

I dont know if anyone posted this before, but i was tweaking my settings and found some pretty interesting things in useroptions file that boosts fps and makes game run smooth even on laptop.

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How to get good fps in h1z1

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