How to take mt4 screen shot

How to take mt4 screen shot

To save a screenshot of mt4 you need to click the right mouse button anywhere on the chart and choose save picture as. A window will appear asking you what type of image you would like to save.

  easy way to take and edit mt4 screenshots - duration 643.

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  when making a lot of trades you cant remember them all, but with screenshot script for mt4 metatrader 4 you can create screen shot just by drag & dropping script on the chart. To remember the trades you just made and make them permanent as a screen shot just drag and drop the script on your chart and automatic screen shot will be placed in your expertsfileschart folder.

  taking a screenshot is easy and it enables our support team to see whatever it is that you see on your screen.

  if you want to do it for multiple ccy charts, you need to have those charts open in your platform.

  here is a simple one-liner that can take care of creating a thumbnail and resizing it for you.

  the quickest way to do this is by pressing f4 (you can also right-click on expert advisors in mt4s navigator and then by selecting create in metaeditor, and there is also an icon on the toolbar for this specific purpose).

  snapshot allows everyone to take pics of our chart at the open candle time. So is definetly one of the best tools for study a strategy especially for backtest. The file attached could be great for this, it saves big pictures (1680x1050) on the mt4expertsfiles folder.

Sure, firstly to take a screenshot in mt4, just right-click anywhere on your chart and choose save as picture. Select active chart (as is) untick post image online in mql5 charts service and get the link click ok the image should be saved now on your pc.

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How to take mt4 screen shot

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