Ig sunday market

Ig sunday market

Ig is the only uk provider to offer weekend trading on indices and gbpusd. You can trade the ftse 100 on a saturday and sunday with ig the only uk provider to offer this market on the weekend.

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Sunday market is an art, fashion and design market, where designers, artists and other creatives sell their wares directly to the public.

Memorable places to buy your souvenirs are bustling, typically english saturday markets held in a pretty town square. As red and white bunting flutters in the breeze, local vendors will be out in take a trip to sunday markets or flea markets, perhaps hidden under impressive railway arches, to unearth antiques and rare furniture, vintage postcards and curious items of memorabilia.

We are building an exclusive digital marketplace where people from across the u. Will come together to create, sell, buy, and collect unique items. We value the creative community and encourage each of our vendors to express their artistic perspectives through art, home and garden, culinary creations, fashion, and innovative ideas.

Alongside the sunday market, youll see a host of independent galleries and shops selling items such as pottery and perfume.

All you have to do is like our page (if you havent already) then tag a friend who you think should come along to our christmas market on 1 december. Once we get to 1,000 likes we will do a draw for one lucky person (who entered our competition) to win a market t-shirt along with 50 in market money! T&cs 1.

Open seven days a week from 10am to 7pm (sunday to thursday) and 10am to 8pm friday and saturdays (may to october) and 10am to 8pm sunday to thursday and 10am to 9pm (november to april), this market offers free live music every saturday, sunday and public holiday from 1pm-4pm.

Wednesday is a popular day for cruise ships to visit port douglas, so what better place to have a market than at the marina, to greet visitors to port douglas and make it easy to connect with local products and services.

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Ig sunday market

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