Install esxi preserve vmfs datastore

Install esxi preserve vmfs datastore

  install esxi, preserve vmfs datastore installs a fresh copy of esxi and keeps existing vmfs datastore. Install esxi, overwrite vmfs datastore installs a fresh copy of esxi and overwrites existing vmfs datastore. Once the installation is complete, press enter to reboot the server.

  one option would be to install esxi on a bootable usbsd instead of the disk. If you are going to re-format the disk, id suggest - if applicable - to split the raid into multiple logical disks.

  when i install an esxi host i have this options install esxi, preserve vmfs datastore this will install a fresh copy of esxi 5. 0 and leave your vmfs datastores intact, this will erase all custom configurations, its a clean slate basically and you will have to re-add your vms back to your inventory once you have reconfigured your host server.

C determine where you want to locate and boot the esxi installer. If you are using pxe to boot the installer, verify that your network pxe infrastructure is properly set up. D create a worksheet with the information you will need when you install esxi.

Shouldnt be any problem with this, your wording sounds like your vm datastores live on different disks than your os install, so in that case it really wouldnt matter if the vmfs was corrupted on the os install.

Install esxi, preserve vmfs datastore this will install a fresh copy of esxi 5. 0 and leave your vmfs datastores intact, this will erase all custom configurations, its a clean slate basically and you will have to re-add your vms back to your inventory once you have reconfigured your host server.

  install esxi, preserve vmfs datastore installs a fresh version of esxi and keeps existing vmfs datastore. Install esxi, overwrite vmfs datastore installs a fresh version of esxi and overwrites existing vmfs datastore. We are going to upgrade esxi and preserve the vmfs datastore.

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Install esxi preserve vmfs datastore

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