Laid off before maternity leave ontario

Laid off before maternity leave ontario

  if you or your spouse is pregnant and are facing a lay-off or job loss, you may want to speak with your employer about keeping you on at least part-time so that you can accumulate your 600 hours before you go on maternity or parental leave.

  the ontario employment standards act allows pregnant employees to take up to 17 weeks of unpaid pregnancy leave. After that, birth mothers are entitled to 35 weeks of maternity leave, while fathers or adoptive mothers are allowed to take off up to 37 weeks total.

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  you are entitled to receive maternity leave benefits while you are home for 52 weeks (now up to 18 months). If you do get laid off before you start working again, you do not qualify for employment insurance (ei).

It is only illegal if your termination is related to or because you are on leave or because you will now have child-care requirements.

  maternity leave in ontario is just for the birth mother, whereas parental leave is for both parents. Nevertheless, birth mothers are entitled to maternity leave and parental leave. Birth mothers who took maternity leave are entitled to 61 weeks parental leave.

  it seems your employer does not offer maternity leave benefits, which is unfortunate.

  prior to a new parent taking a maternity or parental leave, that person must have worked a certain amount of hours in order to be eligible to receive ei benefits while on leave. There are many expecting parents who are not currently working as a direct result of the covid-19 pandemic.

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Laid off before maternity leave ontario

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