Logan airport short term parking terminal c

Logan airport short term parking terminal c

Boston logan international airport has a variety of convenient parking options for you to choose from.

Central parking offers convenient access to all terminals via pedestrian bridges on level 4. Follow the signs inside the garage to park close to your terminal.

Need short-term parking for boston logan airport? Enjoy free 247 shuttle service, parking rewards, and secure offsite parking at park shuttle & fly in boston.

The closest parking lot to terminal c is the central parking lot. We do not currently take reservations for the central parking lot, but if youd like a guaranteed parking spot you can do a search on our website for the best parking lots near boston airport.

There is short-term, extended stay, economy rate and premium guaranteed parking. The central parking garage is convenient to all terminals and is accessible by walkways with moving sidewalks. There is also parking available in the terminal b garage and terminal e lots, as well as the economy parking lot.

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Logan airport short term parking terminal c

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