Max money bukit indah

Max money bukit indah

8,aeon bukit indah shopping centre,jalan indah 152, bukit indah 81200. Please check with money changer directly for the currency stock availabilities and latest updated rates.

We are the most innovative money services business in south east asia, enabling both individual and business customers to exchange and transfer anytime, anywhere. With over 30 years of experience, maxmoney offers the fastest, most secure and convenient way for individuals and businesses to exchange and transfer over 100 different foreign currencies.

  view the location and contact details of max money bukit indah exchange office in johor,, malaysia below address no. 8, aeon bukit indah shopping centre, jalan indah 152, taman bukit indah, 81200 johor bahru, johor, malaysia. Hours tuesday 10am-920pm wednesday 10am-920pm thursday 10am-920pm friday 10am-920pm saturday 10am-920pm sunday 10am-920pm monday 10am-920pm.

With more than 30 years in business, we are the best and most innovative money services business in malaysia, enabling both individual and business customers to exchange and transfer anytime anywhere. Max money is the first malaysian company to obtain full fledge money service business (msb) license, regulated by bank negara malaysia.

  max money (bukit indah) lot g77, aeon bukit indah, taman bukit indah 79100 iskandar puteri, johor.

Maxmoney is a company licensed under bank negara malaysia, a provider of money transfer services. All money transmission is provided by maxmoney pursuant by bank negara malaysia copyright 2018 maxmoney sdn bhd.

112 ground bangunan umno perak, jalan sultan idris shah, 30000 ipoh, perak, malaysia.

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Max money bukit indah

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