Picking a honeymoon destination

Picking a honeymoon destination

  picking a honeymoon destination should be a true reflection of who you are as a couple, says lydia j. Redmond, director of weddings at the ritz-carlton resorts of naples.

  one of the most important tips to choose a honeymoon destination is to pick a place which is favourable to travel at that time of the year! You can either pick a high season, when the weather will be great.

  walking through these 4 questions will help you narrow down what youre both looking for and focus your honeymoon destination search. One what kind of honeymoon do you want? First, think about the kind of honeymoon youve been dreaming of.

  your honeymoon is the first vacation youll take with your spouse as a married couple, so no matter your destination, its sure to be memorable. The trip is also a perfect opportunity to plan your dream getaway, but choosing your honeymoon destination is an important decision that will be determined by your budget, travel style, and time frame, among other things.

  most savvy couples opt to visit several places instead of spending the entire honeymoon period in one location. Maximize the chance to get different experiences with your travel partner, whether backpacking in europe, sun-basking in fiji, or sight-seeing in paris. Therefore, make your honeymoon exciting by planning a multi-destination trip.

  depending on where you plan on staying for your honeymoon (my pick for honeymooners is always the st. Regis kauai in hawaii), hawaii can be relatively affordable, or beautifully luxe.

  instead of narrowing down the specific choices, think more generallywithout a destination in mindabout the types of things you want to do. Make a big pie-in-the-sky wish-list, and then, after you have your utopia destination, see what correlates to that in the real world.

  here are some tips on how to narrow down the big world out there into the right honeymoon destination for your dream honeymoon 1. If you have 2 weeks, there are many options that you can look at that have long flights that would not make sense for just a week or less.

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Picking a honeymoon destination

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