Pnb uk exchange rate

Pnb uk exchange rate

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The published exchange rates apply to remittances up to 5,000. Please enquire from a member of staff for the applicable rates for amounts over 5,000.

Philippine national bank (europe) plc is the 200th largest bank in the united kingdom in terms of total assets. In 2019 its total assets were 17,82 mln gbp, providing the bank with the market share of 0.

  transfers to pnb india bank accounts (from current and savings accounts) is free. Transfers to other bank accounts in india (from current and savings accounts) is chargable.

Diosdado macapagal boulevard, pasay city, philippines, 1300 hotline (632) 8573 8888 email customercarepnb.

0149 050521 0142 convert philippine peso to british pound php to gbp rate php brunei dollar (bnd) 0. 0278 050521 0142 convert philippine peso to brunei dollar php to bnd rate php bulgarian lev (bgn) 0. 0338 050521 0142 convert philippine peso to bulgarian lev php to bgn rate php burundi franc (bif) 40.

For full history please visit gbpphp exchange rate history page.

  furthermore, pnb chooses its own exchange rate, which is less than the real mid-market exchange rate you see on google. If you use pnb frequently for your international transfers, this can burn a hole in your pocket. And more than anything, transfers with pnb can take much longer than other operators.

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Pnb uk exchange rate

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Pnb uk exchange rate

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