Pricing strategy matrix

Pricing strategy matrix

A pricing strategy is a method for determining the optimum price of a product or service. The pricing strategy matrix describes four of the most common strategies by mapping price against quality.

  the pricing strategy matrix is a tool thats used to determine the best price for a product or service. A pricing strategy refers to the method businesses use to decide the right price for their services or products.

The pricing strategy matrix shows four pricing strategies based on the relationship between price and perceived quality. Costs are kept to a minimum and price is set as low as possible because there is no difference in the products in the market.

  the bottom right of the pricing strategy matrix shows the penetration pricing strategy. This type of pricing is used to enter a new market or to sell a new product. The penetration price is set low to attract new customers or to lure them away from the competition in the short run.

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Pricing strategy matrix

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