Reload data in mt4

Reload data in mt4

) in the symbols section, double click on the currency pair youre trading (in our case, this is gbpusd) and then double click on 1 minute.

Delete the data more recent than the missing bars and maybe a few bars prior. If your online and connected, it should automaticaly replace everything up to the most current data.

This function is used when expert advisor has been calculating for a long time and needs data refreshing. The only reason for data cannot be refreshed is that they are the current data of the client terminal. Expert advisors and scripts operate with their own copy of history data.

  your question, how to make the mt4 auto refresh itself? I believe refresh for you means the same thing as when a new tick is created. I believe a new tick being created starts the indicators program.

  to download additional mt4 history data, first go to the tools menu and select history center.

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Reload data in mt4

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