Runescape living rock caverns world

Runescape living rock caverns world

The living rock caverns is a members-only area that was added on 17 september 2009. The area was designed for players with high levels in fishing and mining. There are no quest or skill requirements necessary to enter this area.

Living rock protectors (level 92) and living rock strikers (level 92) can be found here as well. The living rock patriarch (level 95) can randomly spawn every hour and has the chance to drop 8 uncut diamonds, 3 runite ores, 125 blood runes and 125 mud runes.

  the living rock caverns is a dangerous but rewarding mining and fishing location. The caverns are full of aggressive level 120 and level 140 living rock monsters, and rarely, a level 200 living rock patriarch. If you can survive the attacks and have a high fishing or mining level, you will find some great high-level resources in the caverns.

  how to get there guide and rocktail safe spot and where to bank.

  the living rock caverns are a members-only area you can find the entrance at the northern part of the dwarven mines under falador and ice mountain. (climb the rope attached to the crevice south of the ladder across east from the keldagrim cart transport) there are no quests relating to this area, nor can any be started in the caverns.

  unfortunately, you dont have any admins or any serious mods who do the efficiency thing so they dont think its needed.

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Runescape living rock caverns world

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Runescape living rock caverns world

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