Sunsuper kinetic merger

Sunsuper kinetic merger

Sunsuper, one of australias fastest growing superannuation funds, has today announced it has successfully completed its merger with kinetic super. The merged entity has brought sunsupers membership to more than 1.

  kinetic super is the latest small superannuation fund that sunsuper has successfully wooed as a merger partner. On wednesday, april 12, 2017, sunsuper and kinetic super announced their plans to merge, forming a 45 billion fund. If things run smoothly, the deal should be finalised before the end of the calendar year.

Sunsuper is one of australias most highly rated and awarded super funds, including being named money magazines best super fund manager 2018.

Here you can find the pds, guides and forms, as well as other important information.

Kinetic super chairman, mr frank gullone said we are thrilled to have decided to progress to a merger with sunsuper. The comprehensive due diligence process has clearly demonstrated that a merger between the funds will be in the best interests of all members, delivering a reduction in fees whilst also enhancing the products and services available.

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Sunsuper kinetic merger

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