Weight watchers points plus for chick fil a

Weight watchers points plus for chick fil a

  a chick-fil-a 3 piece chick-n-strips contains 6 weight watchers freestyle points, 8 ww smartpoints and 8 ww pointsplus. A chick-fil-a 4 piece chick-n-strips contains 7 weight watchers freestyle points, 10 ww smartpoints and 11 ww pointsplus.

  points chicken biscuit 10 biscuit 7 bacon, egg & cheese biscuit 11 sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit 17 spicy chicken biscuit 10 chick-n-minis 3 count 6 chick-n-minis 4 count 8 chicken, egg & cheese bagel 11 cinnamon cluster 10 sausage breakfast burrito 12 chicken breakfast burrito 10 multigrain oatmeal 2 multigrain oatmeal with toppings 6 chicken platter 16.

  chick-fil-a didnt invent the chicken, but they did change the way we eat it forever. For a fairly simple menu consisting mostly of nuggets and sandwiches, theres a lot you can enjoy here. Heres our chick-fil-a weight watchers points guide to help you out! If youre always on the go and need more ideas on what to eat at a variety of restaurants.

Be careful with sauces! A packet of garden herb ranch dressing is 10 points on all plans. The sausage, egg and cheese breakfast biscuit is 21 points on blue and purple and 23 points on green.

  chic fil a foods 6 weight watchers freestyle points and below.

  1 white milk 4 smart points on blue chick-fil-a drinks 6-15 points on blue.

  points calories total fat total fiber chargrilled chicken club sandwich 9 410 12 3 chargrilled chicken sandwich 6 300 3.

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Weight watchers points plus for chick fil a

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