Which of the following best describes temperature

Which of the following best describes temperature

Which of the following best describes temperature? Measure of the average kinetic energy always measured in degrees celsius always measured in kelvin a measure of the potential energy in which sample would the particles be moving slowest (on average)? A 12 pound slab of marble at 25 degrees celsius a 1 pound slab of marble at 50 degrees celsius a1.

Which of the following best describes the body temperature regulation for an alligator? Ectotherm that maintains body temperature through metabolism b. Ectotherm that maintains body temperature through behaviors c. Endotherm that maintains body temperature through metabolism d. Endotherm that maintains body temperature through behaviors 26.

125 g of dry ice (solid co2) is dropped into a beaker containing 500 g of 66c water.

Which of the following statements best describes the relationship betwe temperature and heat? A) they are the same.

  answers 2 on a question which of the following best describes the relationship between air temperature and density? A when air temperature is stable, it becomes more dense.

The temperature of the systems environment and its location in that environment. The number of atoms in the system and their molecular weights. The boiling points & freezing points of the elements that make up the substances in the system.

Which of the following best describes the change in antarctic temperature from about 440,000 years ago to about 340,000 years ago? The temperature increases by.

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Which of the following best describes temperature

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Which of the following best describes temperature

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