Wifi for mining rig

Wifi for mining rig

  can you mine off of wifi?panda wifi usb stick - exact gpu mining wifi adapter used in video httpamzn.

If you really want to use wifi, use a usb powered ethernet wifi bridge. It can connect to your router even before your os finishes booting. I had plenty of gpu interference through the usb to wifi direct stick, like dropped connections and wifi not responding.

  turn off the rig first then plug your wifi usb adapter to your rig and start the rig. If no connection open a terminal screen and logon to system (if not changed logon user1) in terminal screen write following command and then press enter.

Having multiple clients on your wireless channel will reduce your theoretical maximum transmission rate, however this will only be an issue for mining if you have dozens of wireless clients on your channel.

Using a web browser on your mining rig navigate to httpscodebox. At the end of the installation process the bitmeter suggests viewing activity through a web browser.

  johnpoz said in best router for mining rig? Yeah i have used dd-wrt and openwrt back in the day. And have put dd-wrt on friends and family machine when was stuck working with whatever cheap soho shit they had ) both my sons router is running dd-wrt for example ) my one son is running it on the soho wifi router in their frat house.

  nope, unless your wifi is a real crap and disconnect a lot.

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Wifi for mining rig

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